Meet scandinavian startups ready to disrupt established industries

Scandinavian Startup Week is an initiative to introduce Scandinavian startups to international markets. 

The startups represent four Swedish business accelerators – BizMaker, Företagsfabriken, Kalmar Science Park and Movexum. Selected startups from these accelerators will get the opportunity to participate and widen their business network in North America.

Due to the pandemic the 2021 year’s program will be completely digital, consisting of several events, activities and meetings with potential partners, customers and investors during week 39 (September 27 – October 1). 

All the participating startups have been carefully reviewed and selected to ensure the value of the program.


A collaboration between four Swedish business accelerators

BizMaker is a top-ranked business accelerator located in the middle of Sweden. We offer ambitious entrepreneurs the possibility to scale up innovative ideas and take on international markets. Since 2004 we have evaluated over 4.600 business ideas and helped develop over 530 new startup companies. Let’s make a million ideas pop!

Företagsfabriken is a business accelerator in southern Sweden, in the heart of IKEA land. We mix the entrepreneurial mindset of a startup or scaleup entrepreneur with experience of business modelling. In our process, we use recognized tools for developing growth companies. By sharing office space the entrepreneurs exchange ideas and experiences on their way to success.

Kalmar Science Park is a meeting place for exceptionally driven people, smart ideas and innovative companies. This is where great thinkers, inspiring innovators and persistent experts come together and create fine-tune companies of the future. Here, you will find everything from scalable startups to major companies who make large-scale international investments.

Movexum offers business coaching, advice, and established startup methods to motivated entrepreneurs and innovators. With our help and with access to our wide network, startups get to develop their ideas and turn them into commercial products and services. At Movexum, we love taking on innovative ideas and helping them become established and successful companies.