We are spending more of our time indoors than ever before. As a result, we are missing out on the beneficial health effects of spending time outside. That’s why we designed an outdoor office called “The Bug”. This chair offers rotatable features and protects the user – and the user’s computer – from unwelcoming sunlight, weather and wind. This is an innovation, there is nothing similar on the market today.

The planet earth is the heart of Lovisa of Sweden and we work passionately to improve the conditions for the planet. We work with Swedish raw materials and the chair is locally produced and manufactured in Hälsingland, Sweden. We have several ideas on outdoor working solutions and hope to be able to develop a whole collection within the next year. We want to create products and environments for people in the public space. We design for urban-, destination- and community development, where we work to make the culture, history and places accessible to everyone. We always use proven design methodology and surveys, interviews, observations and field studies strengthen our process and our results.

Today, the company is run by Lovisa Pettersson under the name Lovisa of Sweden. The company was established in October 2018 and the outdoor office was introduced to the Swedish market last year.

The Bug has been hailed by numerous large companies and architects have shown great interest in the product. It has been published in several newspapers and magazines and has been ranked as one of 2019’s most exciting news in office design in the Swedish magazine “Working-life”.


Lovisa Pettersson, CEO

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