Measure & CHANGE

Measure & Change is a digital tool for monitoring, disclosure and decrease of climate impact. To be able to take the right actions, actors need to know what activities cause the emissions; they need to measure & change.

Today monitoring CO2-emissons is often done manually which is time consuming and expensive. With our solution, data on activities is extracted directly from the business systems and emission data from public data bases. The information can be used in sustainability reports and act as a starting point and decision tool for decreasing GHG-emissons. This solution provides full-break-down reporting to every single department, continuous during the year. The first customers are local authorities in Sweden.

We are looking for cooperation to make a pilot in Canada, local authority or company and investors for adaption and market roll out on the North American market.

We have developed an IP strategy together with a renown consultant. Our solution is dependent on a cloud-based EPR and a high degree of digitalization of invoices etc. 

Sarah Nilsson, CEO 
+46 70 321 22 77

Erika Bernstone, CMO 

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