Nordic renew resource

Nordic Renew Resource Company (NRR AB) Aim is to be a world-leading Swedish company in the field of purification of industrial water and sludge from toxic heavy metals and organic pollutants with, among other things, drug residues by using our own cutting-edge technology which can safely extract the contaminants in the most effective and eco friendly way.

Toxic heavy metals and organic pollutants from different industries  beside products of  burning of sludge, and  municipal WWT plants   and solid wastes released into the air, sea, ground water ,land filling  are one of the largest environmental threats of our time to humans, animals, and nature. 

NRR started in 2017 and has a unique innovation for the treatment of toxic waste from industrial water and sludge so that it can meet current and future environmental requirements at treatment levels. 

All residual products from our unique purification process can be reused in a circular economy. 

Håkan Stegeby, CEO
+46 70 653 56 13

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