Invest in our cultural heritage forest (green chemistry)!

Organofuel Sweden AB is a creative innovation company in green-tech that has developed a number of green high-tech solutions for cheaper, more energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly manufacturing of eg. biofuels, desirable fine milies and biomatrials as substitutes for plastics. We use residual products from the forest.

The company has three business areas:

  • Fine chemicals
  • Biofuels
  • Biomaterials

Examples of the company’s products are naturally Capsaicin, fossil-free petrol and Nanocellulose.

There is a screaming need for our chemistry in the world. It is because we work with only residual products from the forest that makes our chemistry sustainable. The reason we are interested in Canada is that it is a natural market for us, because of this 46% of Canada’s land area is covered in forest.

Entrepreneur-driven professors and researchers from well-known universities are behind the company. For eg:

  • Armando Cordova, professor of organic chemistry, board member, co-founder
  • Samson Afewerki, doctor in organic chemistry, board member, co-founder
  • Italo Sanhueza, doctor in organic chemistry, CEO, co-founder

Italo Sanhueza, CEO
+46 72 268 02 22

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