Intelligent Security is an security company that build Intelligent security solution and offers smart mobile solutions for individuals and organizations that want to be and feel safe at anytime, anywhere.

Each individual receives a personal security solution where a “stand-alone” smart bracelet can both prevent damage. Our vision is “Safety for all”. Anyone, anywhere at anytime, offering a freedom, independence and a sense of security.

The primary product is InSec Health, aimed at the elderly +65 who want help to detect bodily functions that fail and can lead to falls and serious injury and their relatives. Other customer groups in the future we see can be security and safety organizations, companies, health care and other private individuals.

We believe we have a solution to the mystery of fall prevention and in 2021-22 we want to perform test beds for evidence of our hypothesis and make a market penetration in Sweden and two selected countries.
Our goal with InSec Healt is to prevent 10% of all cases where people are slightly or seriously injured.

We believe that our solution can have a significant effect and impact on the market and make a difference in the quality of life of the individual and society’s economy.

Birthe Björkenstock, CEO & Business Relations 
+46 73 837 30 80

Pooya Yousefi, Engineering & Strategic technical development 
+46 70 092 12 12

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