SpinChem AB is a privately-owned limited company with an international Board of Directors from both the financial and scientific sectors of industry and academia.

SpinChem’s vision is to transform the world by providing the simplest, fastest, most stable and resource-efficient technical solutions, as a catalyst for the global process chemistry industry.

At the core of SpinChem is the so-called rotating bed reactor (RBR). This is a modern alternative to stirred tank reactors and fixed bed columns, used for applications involving heterogeneous reactions.

The ingenious design of the SpinChem RBR makes for seamless scalability and ensures both time and resource effective workflow. Through constant product development and close co-operation with multiple academic institutions, SpinChem offers solutions to everything from synthesis, manufacturing and purification of e.g. fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals, to processing of nuclear waste, pesticide removal in cannabis and industrial wastewater treatment.

The company has achieved break-through sales to key multinationals in Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Life Science fields. SpinChem also offers help with the development of customers’ process on all scales, from bench-top screening to pilot plants and full-scale production. Through rapid in-house prototyping, testing, analysis and optimization, SpinChem is able to develop clever, custom-made solutions to fit customers’ processes and applications.

Dr. Emil Byström, CEO
+46 706 892 501