watchit golf

Watchit group AB is a company specializing in teaching motions to humans, using smart watches.

The first application is WatchItGolf, where we can teach golfers to strike certain distances, but also give information about swing tempo and other vital data for a golfer.

If you use our product, you can see on your smartwatch how far the ball will go, before it lands. In the app you can also challenge your friends in the competitions Longest Drive or Closest to pin.

 After a day on the range or on the course, you can see all your recorded strokes in your database, for more knowledge about your game.

 There are approximately 70 milion golfers world wide, and 14 milj that are possible customers to WatchItGolf. The goal is to have 1,4 milj customers at the end of 2023, and 5 % out of those as paying subscribers.

 After proving the market with WatchItGolf, the company plans to utilize gained knowledge and move into other sports and human motions with separate companies. 

Patric Hörnsten Nilsson, CTO & Founder
+46  70 537 10 25

Nicklas Boström, CEO
+46 70 624 94 11

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