watchit golf

Swedish start-up company, WatchItGolf, has unveiled the world’s first AI-driven Golf Coach for your smartwatch.

Swing Speed Radar is free app, compatible with all major smartphones and smartwatches, that enables golfers to improve their game via a range of innovative AI tools at their fingertips.

Removing the need for expensive and clumsy tracking equipment, Swing Speed Radar allows golfers to train easy and play hard, monitoring different elements of the game, including club head speed, tempo, shot distance and average carry. Using state-of-the-art AI technology, the app uses motion sensors to track and analyse massive amounts of data, providing real-time feedback to help golfers track their progress and become a better player.

Featuring two separate modes, Practice Mode and Target Mode, the app is suitable for golfers of all abilities, whether that means lowering a handicap, practicing swing technique, or simply beating friends over a round. 

Patric Hörnsten Nilsson, CTO
+46  70 537 10 25

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